• Antizionism, the belief that all indigenous people have the right to self determination on their ancestral lands, except Jews. –Ryan Bellerose

How Zionists Divide and Conquer

This is a fresh look at why the same powerful Jews who support Israel as a “Jewish State” do everything they can to create a fractured society in nations they live in outside of Israel. Zionists preach one thing for Jews and the direct opposite for Gentiles. Mass immigration, multiculturalism and diversity makes any society vulnerable to the most organized, aggressive, ethnic people on earth. Their leaders know that that their team effort gives a huge advantage over a fractured, atomized society. Diversity is a weapon. This video gives direct evidence of the Zionist technique for dominating a society.


CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

A great that video that shows clearly how some of the Jewish elite practices racism and tribalism to advance their supremacist agenda. This documentary is the first public expose’ that the same Zio who is the biggest stockholder of the mega Zio media corporation Time Warner, was the biggest stockholder also of Goldman Sachs at the time of the mortgage meltdown. It shows how the biggest economic theft in history, that by Goldman Sachs in the Mortgage meltdown, was covered up by Zio Government regulators, a Zio Prosecutor, Zio Federal Judge, and the Zio influence in media and government.


Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev on White People

Noel Ignatiev’s concern is doing away with whiteness. He says that treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity and that the task is to make it impossible for the legacy of whiteness to continue.


Joe Biden: “I Am A Zionist. You Don’t Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist”

US Vice president Joe Biden talks about the strong tie between culture, religion, and ethnicity, with Jews worldwide. A tie which most people don’t fully understand. He explains that as a young senator he would always say that if he were a Jew, he would be a Zionist. Then he explains that you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, offering himself as an example.


The Endgame Documentary

Isn’t it strange how all white countries and only white countries have a forced mass immigration from the third world. Walking through London, you’ll ask yourself “Where are the English people?” For the first time ever, the number of people who classify themselves as white British are now a minority in their capital city of London. When white people live together in their own communities, those communities are deemed too white. Millions of dollars are spent to make sure these areas become more “diverse.” When the government forces integration of non-whites into white neighborhoods we see the phenomenon of white flight. If people have the right to live wherever they want, why do we have forced integration? If everyone had freedom of association, then how could an area be too white?


The Zionist Conspiracy and the UK Government

Ever wonder why Germany would turn against the well treated and successful Jewish population of Europe? By all accounts Germany had won World War One and was offering a truce to its adversaries. A group of powerful Zionists guaranteed Britain that they could get America involved in the war to crush Germany if Britain would promise to give them Palestine. In this 44 minute speech given in Washington D.C. at the Willard Hotel in 1961, Benjamin Freedman exposes the Zionist Conspiracy and his involvement in it.


Jews Declare War on Everyone. Part 1

Hear straight from the horse’s mouth, what Zionists intend for all races on Earth other than their own race. There is some evidence that at least one of these quotes was created as a hoax.


Jews Declare War on Everyone. Part 2

Hear some more from the horse’s mouth, about what Zionists intend for all races on Earth other than their own race.