White Lives Matter is a place for people of European decent to learn about the issues that imperil their future and the root causes behind #WhiteGenocide. WhiteLivesMatter.com is primarily focused on ethno-nationalism. It supports breeding practices that improve fitness, opposes dysgenic immigration, and takes a libertarian stance on other right wing gripes that don’t directly turn the population non-White.

Is WhiteLivesMatter.com a “white supremacist” website?
WhiteLivesMatter.com is not a “white supremacist” website, it doesn’t advocate the idea that Whites should rule over any other group. “White supremacy” is a weaponized term used to denigrate anyone who believes ethnic Europeans are worth preserving.

Is WhiteLivesMatter.com Antisemitic?
Opposing Jewish aggression is counter-semitism, not anti-semitism. Jews are generally likeable. Jews weren’t trying so hard to extinguish whiteness via non-white immigration and 24-7 race mixing propaganda, they wouldn’t be cultivating contempt among white ethno-nationalists.